Achilleas Gravanis

Professor of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of Crete
Researcher IMBB-FORTH
Affiliated Research Professor, Center of Drug Discovery, Northeastern University (Boston)


Achilleas Gravanis is a Professor of Pharmacology at the School of Medicine at the University of Crete. Graduated from the University of Athens. He got a Ph.D. in Pharmacology at the University of Paris. He worked as a researcher at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Today, he works as a researcher in IMBB-FORTH. In addition, he is an affiliated Research Professor in the Center of Drug Discovery at Northeastern University (Boston). Neurobiology is one of his main research interests at this period, while he is working on “ human brain on-a-chip” project.

In a continuously moving world and a slowly changing country, Achilleas Gravanis bridges the gap. A renowned scientist over the continents with Greek roots, is welcomed once more in Alexandroupolis, embracing Democritus University of Thrace and filling us up with dreams, motivation and daring. In times that everyone searches for an opportunity, he teaches us how we can create our own. A scientist who reveals the person (άτομο) behind every achievement.

Alexia Kotsi

Co-Founder & CMO at Funkmartini


Alexia Kotsi is a Co-Founder of Funkmartini, the first online beauty services platform in Greece. She has a remarkable career in the field of Marketing and Communication (Le Spot Production) and she has directed great campaigns for well-known companies such as MTV, Beefeater, Nokia, and Google. Alexia Kotsi is a member of Up Greece Tourism Campaign, constant innovator & Chapter Leader Travel Massive Athens. Currently, she is working as CMO at Funkmartini aiming to change the online beauty services experience.

Power, or δύναμη in Greek, which is derived from the ancient Greek word δύναμαι, meaning “I can”. “Yes we can!” shouted women throughout the globe years ago to empower themselves and others. So, Power has some feminine characteristics as our speaker, Alexia says. A woman who takes her life into her own hands. We are talking about a young mother, a wife, a hard-working and amazingly creative entrepreneur who shows us that you can determine and make your own life the way you want it to be. Alexia Kotsi comes to the stage of the first TEDxDUTH to prove that you have to be daring if you want to pursue happiness.

Dimitris Karypidis

Paralympic Swimmer


Dimitris Karypidis is a Paralympic and World Champion Swimmer. He is a member of the National Swimming Team of people with disabilities, as well as, a member of the National Paralympic Swimming Team. He is a Vice President of the athletic club “Irodikos” and a member of the management board of the non profit organization “Perpato”. Additionally, he is a Motivational Speaker aiming to familiarize the world with the term disability and inspire people with his personal experience.

Every person in our world leave his unique trace. Nevertheless, some of us do not leave only footprints on earth. They do not walk in the ground. They step with courage into the dream and prove the meaning of life. Let’s meet Dimitris Karipidis from Alexandroupolis, Paralympic Swimmer. He will come to the stage of first TEDxDUTH to teach us that the power does not walk. The power swims and she wins the first place. Dimitris Karipidis proves that the atom can fly because its heart wear wings.

Marianthi Fragopoulou

Nuclear Physicist,


Marianthi Fragopoulou is a Nuclear Physicist. She graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has a great career in the field of radiation, medical physics and neurons measurement. She has invented an innovative system for radiation measurement and has found her own company named HERADO. She is also collaborating with important research organizations such as NASA and DLR. 

Democritus said that the atom can not be cut but today we know that this is not true. The atom can be cut. So, which is the base of our world? Which is the smaller amount of the matter? Which is the “atom” of 2019? Marianthi Fragopoulou is a famous nuclear physicist with a great career in the field of radiation. She will get on the stage of first TEDxDUTH to answer these questions. In Greece of 2019, she can overcome any obstacle, creates her own business and collaborates with NASA thanks to the invention of an innovative system for radiation measurement. She comes to teach us that atom can explore unknown places and carve new scientific orbit thanks to its will power.

Nandia Kondogeorgi

Actress, Singer


Nandia Kondogeorgi is an actress and singer with great experience in musical theater. She graduated from the Greek National Academy of dramatic arts (National Theatre) and also studied Law in University of Athens. She attended courses at Harvard University focused on acting, musical theater and creativity. She has also studied dancing (modern and jazz-I.S.T.D) and music (piano and singing). Also, she has a bachelor in opera and musical theater singing. She speaks English and German. In 2014, she was nominated for Melina Mercouri award (highest award for young actors) for her performance as Mary sunshine in “Chicago”.

Athens, Greece 2019
In the middle of a theatre scene, there is a chair. Many people move in circular orbits and whisper “who am I?”, “where am I going?”, “when?”. The voices are getting louder and louder, so much that you start wondering yourself “who?”, “where”, “when”. It looks like an Ionesko-like performance. Le Théâtre de l’Absurde.
In a world, which is lost behind questions, she chooses to give her own answers following the most difficult path: art. While studying Law in Athens, she realized that something was missing in her life. She took the risk and attended acting, musical theatre and creativity courses at Harvard University. She is coming to the first TEDxDUTH to teach us that if you want to touch the stars, you must create your own skies.

Therapon Fakas

Life & Business Coach


Therapon Fakas was born in Thessaloniki. He graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Democritus University of Thrace. He worked for many years in the private constructions’ sector. He has successfully completed the program “Certificated in Coaching” of Athens Coaching Institute and founded the website through which he motivates and inspires people and businesses to discover their own inner voice. He presents the radio show “Coach the day”, the first radio show dedicated to personal development. His favorite motto is “Obstacles will either prevent you or define you”.

Therapon Fakas dares to dive into the human soul and discover the inner power that motivates you to overcome every obstacle. If you know yourself, your abilities and your dreams, any difficulty seems like a challenge to you. Therapon Fakas graduated from Democritus University of Thrace and now he is a life and business coach. He is coming to the first TEDxDUTH to encourage us to discover our inner power, which can lead to our fulfillment. He is a real-life “coach” teaching “atom” how to overcome obstacles and reach its full potential.

Giorgos Pierros



Giorgos Pierros studied Media and Computer Science. He participated in research projects concerning collaborative journalism and the power of social media in spreading news. He has worked as a press representative in the International Cinema Festival for children and teenagers taking place in Olympia .In addition, he has worked in many websites such as “” and “Metarithmisi” as well as in many newspapers as political author. He presents the daily TV show “Briefing” in Action.24 and he covers the political news in the show “Evening Report”. He works in the website “”, too.

The “connected theory” mentions that every person influences at least five other people. Each of them is influencing another five, etc. In simple terms, events are happening fast, but news are spreading faster. We are at the same time both information receivers and transmitters. These roles, although difficult, are crucial because they are key-points for a proper communication. We should receive information with caution and read between the lines to form a more global opinion. Giorgos Pierros is an active journalist in TV and the Internet. He will be on the stage of the first TEDxDUTH to convey his unique message regarding journalism.

Ioannis Somalakidis

President WRO Hellas, President STEM Education Hellas


Mr. Ioannis Somalakidis is a physicist, as well as the president of WRO Hellas, which he founded on 2009 in collaboration with some of Greece’s most prominent academics in the fields of mechanical engineering and robotics. Leading WRO Hellas with passion ever since, Mr. Somalakidis has actively and crucially contributed towards the introduction of STEM and educational robotics in Greece, with the support of an ever-growing volunteering team which currently counts more than 130 educators and academics from all over the country.

Searching the atom’s structure at the basis of the universe, we discovered that electrons move in perpetual orbits. Today, we can use them to generate electric power, and create a new era. In the age of machines and automation, technology is developing rapidly. For humans, discovering the world isn’t enough. They want to transform and control the world they live in. Using their knowledge on physics, humans have created electrical microcircuits and introduced the modern concept of robotics. Robotics will definitely play a crucial role not only in our life, but also in the educational process. Ioannis Somalakidis is the president of WRO Hellas and STEM Education. He will be on the stage of the first TEDxDUTH conveying his feelings and communicating his thoughts about the new era the world is entering in. An era during in which sophisticated technology and robots are going to play an essential role.

Alexandros Theodoridis

Co-Founder at Boroume


Alexandros Theodoridis is a Co-Founder and active member of the non profit organization “Boroume”. In the past, Alexandros worked in the private and public sector in Greece, as well as, abroad while being an active volunteer for various organizations and initiatives such as the Greek Rescue Team and the Youth Entrepreneurship Association. He is a Marshall Memorial Fund Fellow, a member of the Ethelon Board of Directors and a member advisory board of Vouliwatch. Alexandros holds a M.A. degree from the University of Munich (Politics, Sciences, Macroeconomics, International Law) and a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics.

The human is a social and political being. He exists only when there are other people. In a world,  where the situations are more and more difficult, many people need our help. The problem seems like a wall that divides humans. The only solution for overcoming it, is the offering. Alexandros is a Co-Founder and active member of the non profit organization “Boroume” that tries to reduce the waste of food and increase its offering. He is coming to the first TEDxDUTH to teach us that we can find happiness in offering. Love the human because you are human.


Nikoletta Ralli


Nikoletta Ralli was born and raised in Athens. She studied Geology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. However, in 2005 she decided to change her career by taking part at the Beauty Contest, “Star Hellas – Miss Hellas”. She won the title of Deputy Miss Hellas, while she won the first place at the Miss Tourism Queen International 2005. Later on, Nikoletta started to get involved in modelling and acting. Since 2007, she has worked as a hostess of reality shows and events in many different television channels, such as the music channel MAD, STAR, MTV, Macedonia TV and Antenna. It should also be mentioned that she has her own blog at the website of

Nikoletta has both a charming and an amazingly interesting personality. She is joining us at our TEDxDUTH event in order to pass to everyone her positive energy and accompany us through the event with her unique way.