Walking closer to the centre at the material world, it appears. But, if we try to reach it, it disappears. We consider that we hold it in our hands but it can get away, run in endless orbits, cross the centuries, reject theories, be hidden in the unknown, giving life to the human curiosity. But, what is this? It is called atom. The one that can not be intersected. Humans, after all, are used to find “impossible” anything that can not be easily accomplished. Therefore, atom. Unknown as the human existence. Unfulfilled like the big dreams. Immortal in its mortality.

And what if the atom is finally cut? How many alpha privatives will fade from our lives?

Atom, the untamed, the only matching and complete definition.

Session 1/ #Split_the_Atom

From the beginning of the world, “hidden” in the heart of every form of matter, the atom. That with the survival instinct, with the thirst for change, the atom, the eternal question of scientists.

In the first section, we try to understand from a social as well as physico-chemical point of view the course of individual and what led him to the impending evolution.

Session 2/ #Atom_ON

Atom, the individual, integral social extension. The individuality of each of us is sculpted through society, through communication and socio-political skills.

In the second section, we discover that engaging with the arts, politics, and entrepreneurship has contributed to the person’s spiritual growth, social development, and well-being.

Session 3/ #Beyond_Atom

And what’s beyond atom?

In the third section, we approach the state of transcendence. Individuals who transcend their physical and psychological boundaries, people who get through every obstacle that lies ahead, “people” of the future.

What is now defined as an individual?


Nikoletta Ralli


Achilleas Gravanis

Marianthi Fragopoulou

Giorgos Pierros

Alexia Kotsi

Nandia Kondogeorgi

Ioannis Somalakidis

Dimitris Karypidis

Therapon Fakas

Alexandros Theodoridis


Anthi Kosma

Lindy Hop Xanthi

The Jam Experiment

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